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on wishes, pitches and fields of dreams


You sat with Dad in the stands watching every baseball game from as far back as your memories began.  Dreams of pitching took hold.

Oh how those beautiful blues lit up when the pitcher took you on the field, announced your name and let you throw the first pitch.

No one could see the Revolution going on within your little body.  Mom and Dad decided the Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

No cancer treatments for you.

Just wishes, dreams, hot dogs and baseball in heaven…


What am I grateful for?

  • Understanding the value of the sacrifices parents make for their children
  • Seeing all sides of the treatment options for life-threatening illnesses and understanding the pros and cons of each, often simply translated as quality versus quantity of life.
  • Understanding that every life makes an imprint on our heart, however brief or long the shared sojourn.  Every relationship is eternal.
  • Feeling the joys and pains of all those lost through suicide, murder, cancer, alcohol, drugs, catastrophes and old age.  They all remind me to live like I’m dying.

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