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on hoarding not hoarding


In performing an inventory of material possessions, found myself wishing I could translate them into one backpack and carry on with life.

  • 1,001 kitchen gadgets and I hardly step foot into the kitchen anymore.
  • Partial doghouse built but no dog.  Future Fido has a halfway house.
  • Jewelry making supplies enough to have a permanent space at a farmer’s market.
  • Scrap-booking supplies enough to fill a small shed with a matching set of terabytes holding billions of electronic photos I’ve no time to perform a formal marriage ceremony for.
  • Boxes of art supplies for the kids, the schools and the neighbors, enough to rival whatever would be needed to keep Bob Ross on air for a year.
  • Backpacks full of emergency preparedness items. Hoarding concerns officially raised. Questioning my 20 lifehammer, 100 emergency flare and 200 mylar blanket purchases.  3 copies of Bush Craft 101 and the SAS Survival Guide. PTSD, meet Amazon.
  • Camping supplies taking up nearly half of garage.  Why?  Well, I have a lot of kids and considered that when camping we would do best with huge bedroom tents, mattresses, a full kitchen, shower, bathroom and so on.  Pretty sure using all of it would land us into glamping territory. Besides, we would need to acquire freight transport to get it all to its temporary destination.
  • Microscopes and other chemistry supplies.  Keepers.  Watch out Pfizer.

What am I grateful for?

  • The lightness that comes in letting go.
  • Yard sales, lemonade stands and kids who find them exciting to host.
  • Cups that runneth over, and Bounty.


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