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on expectation, philanthropy and balance

name“That name no longer has any meaning for me…”

I picked up the idea that one should not have expectations from people and am not clear where it was picked it up.

It was likely inferred that removing them would remove the sadness that accompanies disappointment.

My thinking. Incorrect.

Giving and giving, transforming myself into a serial philanthropist, always depleted, is not the way I was meant to share my gifts with the world. So,

If you support, expect support in return.
If you give time, expect time given in return.
If you sacrifice, expect sacrifice in return.
If you bring peace, expect peace in return.
If you give love, expect love in return.

Disappointment in receiving less than expected cannot rival the disappointment in expecting and receiving nothing.

What am I grateful for?

  • Not fitting where I used to be and not being recognized wherever I’m going.
  • Understanding that receiving is required for balance.
  • Understanding that where you sow is not always where you reap and yet they are an inextricable, enduring and faithful marriage.


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