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on signs and synchronicities


My woo woo is self-defined as aesthetically shadowed and artistically predisposed.  More likely though, my dna strands are clones of the long line of wackadoos in my familial chain.

My grandmother has been gone for seven years and I talk to her everyday.  Full blown conversations sometimes. My kids think I’m talking to myself.  I’ve not corrected them to explain that I’m talking to their great-grandmother, so, talking to myself it is.

I  only imagine what she is saying to me.  Sometimes when I feel lost I ask her to send me a sign or some kind of reassurance that I haven’t screwed up too badly.

The most memorable sign I had that angels are with me was when I was preparing to return to a state I had just moved from. I was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her I was thinking about selling my car. The engine and body were in great shape but I didn’t need it. It was normally parked in the garage but this evening was parked in the driveway.

I got off the phone and the doorbell rang thirty minutes later.  Two men wanted to know if I was selling my car.  I was in shock.  Of course I said yes. They asked how much and on the spot I made up an amount of $2,000. No haggling. No request for inspection or test drive. They paid me in cash. I rummaged for the deed then handed it and the keys over. Done.

Two hours later I was left pondering what had just happened.  Did I just sell my car to the mafia?  Did the universe hear my intention and respond in kind?  Did the angels hear my desires and fulfill my wish?  Was it a matrix moment?  All of it seemed plausible.

What I felt though, was a deep sense of reassurance and spiritual protection.

What am I grateful for?

  • Having an immediate and validating experience of manifesting intention (choosing to interpret it that way). Remembering that what we wish for begins with only a thought, and that if it is to be, it will be.
  • Developing purposeful intention and cultivating patience, realizing that may have been a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Remembering that I am protected and need not run from myself.

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