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on changing seasons and dreams


The family was upset that he was not letting go.  They were emotionally drained.

I didn’t know if he could hear me but I whispered to him to let him know who I was and why I was there.  I focused on his head and his heart. Thirty minutes later I felt dizzy, a sudden wave of heat and extreme nausea.  I was not prepared for the impact of our cosmic dance.

I needed to walk away from the family and retreat to the bathroom to gather myself so they did not see the effects.  I knew this would be our final time together. He passed away a few hours later.

No matter the presentation, the theme of ‘letting go’ that runs through life continues to challenge me. Looking back, it is clearly the same obstacle I struggle to hurdle over.

What am I grateful for?

  • Witnessing the impact of holding on and having greater appreciation for finishing unfinished business.
  • Witnessing the impact of letting go and having greater appreciation for resolving unfinished business within ones own heart. After all, it is the self that must assuage the self.
  • Remembering that although a struggle, there is always a deep peace in letting go and that for every death, there is a birth.

Finally, I thank him for the dream in which I dedicated this song to him and that he in turn dedicated to me…

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