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on cognition


I sat at my desk rounding through tasks by rote.  It was difficult to keep my eyes open.  I yawned and reminded myself to be grateful for work.

While working I pondered how many years it would be until these same tasks are fully automated, making this service obsolete.  Genius minds have pondered the question years before me and have estimated the mid 2030’s.

I wonder how the transitions will look.

Transportation taken over by robots.  Cashiers taken over by computers.

I wonder if my grandchildren or great-grandchildren will think it antiquated that people once used a phone to call a cab, uber or lyft, where a person physically sat in vehicle to transport them.  Or, that people stood in lines to purchase things, scanned by someone called a cashier.  They will get into ‘vehicles’ never needing to make small talk with a stranger or leave a tip.  They will walk into buildings and walk out with their goods never waiting in line or exchanging niceties with a specially assigned human or needing cash back.

I wonder if the magnitude of the robot takeover will be the major talk of the century or if a nuclear war would eclipse it.

I wonder if manufacturing, engineering and technical coding will be the major draws of top universities or how long it will be before bartending and hospitality get removed.

I wonder if technical engineers and psychologists will be the leaders of the new world order.  Engineers for the continued transition and psychologists to help the world not lose their mind in the expected state of unemployment.

I wonder if there are PhD degrees in 21st Century Psychology with emphasis in Cognitive Mechanics.

The robots can physically transport us but they cannot mentally support us.


robot thinking

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