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on dead bodies along the highway

Their bodies are mangled and bloody.  Body parts are everywhere.  It’s nighttime but the highway is lit up with street lights.

All of them are dead.  I am walking along the road alone, afraid to look and yet compelled to stare at the gruesomeness.

Absent are vehicles, life, help.

My aloneness is so loud that I cover my ears.  I do not want to hear what I feel.

What am I grateful for?

~ Recurring dreams and nightmares.  This one has come and gone over the years, last visiting several weeks ago.  Such vivid imagery can cause one to look deeper into what the subconscious is trying to say.

~ Ms. Sub’s echoes indicating that there are areas of my life and self that are changing, including a sense of loss, failure, detachment, unexpressed potential, etc.  It would seem she’s right on the money.  
~ The decision to write her a letter to express that I would prefer she infiltrate my dreams and nightmares with Disney’s “Up” kind of imagery.  This dead and bloody body stuff is so unnecessary.


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