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on love tassels

heart alchemy

It occurred to me that both marriage and divorce could be considered a graduation of sorts.

If you are married, then you figured out how to meld with another being.  There is something to be celebrated there, depending on the circumstances of the union of course.

If you are divorced, then hopefully you gained greater insight into your souls frequency which can serve to elevate or manifest the energy of your gifts into the next blessed phase of life.  That too deserves a celebration.

I’m not suggesting folks run out all willy nilly getting married and divorced on a whim. I’m suggesting that marriage and divorce are both beginnings and endings, depending on your perspective.  We’re all in a relationship, even the me, myself and I kind.  

Be kind. In marriage, in divorce, with yourself.

In all cases, throw your tassels to the heavens and love hard.

What am I grateful for?

  • Marriage:  Finding wisdom in what was both gained and lost.
  • Divorce: Seeing the bell jar, grabbing the looking glass and finding Waldo.



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