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on protocol development


The CDC has published a Facilitator/Mentor Guide for Developing a Protocol.  One of the Prerequisites for participating in the training program is the identification of an NCD (noncommunicable disease) health problem for which to conduct a study.

In reading through the document I considered it was in large part a process similarly used by personal coaches and mentors, business analysts, investors, etc. 

What would happen if I take a few points and utilize it as a self-study guide for the purpose of developing a life concept that illustrates my intended manifestations and then provides the steps?  Is this not just goal planning?

I would conduct the study on my current state of mind. Not my current life but my current state of mind.  It is the state of mind that creates the state of life, not the other way around.

Next to my mind’s check spindle sits the post published yesterday (on the 2 x 4 to the head), awaiting fulfillment, pending my gratitude points, or, data analysis and interpretation.

Standing over the scene I am in witness of two individuals in pain.  Deep emotional and spiritual pain, such that they were separated from their own minds and bodies. They had lost their very feathers.

I remember sitting in bed not knowing what to do in the presence of such pain, such absence of heart. In such darkness I felt my only choice was to ‘silence myself’.

This was a story line whose previous repeating incidences could not be coincidence.

What am I grateful for?

  • Looking at experiences from multiple perspectives and seeing something wonderfully enlightening each time.
  • Considering that I may have been primed to be an expert at recognizing pain, putting me in a position to heal with love and not script.
  • Developing a heart pain protocol: HTTP-A. Hope Takes The Pain – Away. Stacked with Love.


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