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on 15,157 days

Happy Day!  I am officially one.  Earth bound 15,157 days.

One is of new beginnings and of creating your own reality.  Still working on dross I don’t intend to carry with me.  Closing in on final goodbyes from the past to remove lingering effects from my present, the negative ones that is.

The question of the day was,

“How can you remove the conflict between your thoughts and feelings? “

It was too broad.  I needed the question to be much more specific. I needed to break down the words, consider their meanings and move from there.

  • Remove: Eliminate, separate, displace, disappear
  • Conflict:  Antagonistic state or action; Mental struggle resulting from opposing needs, drives, wishes or external/internal demands
  • Thoughts: Individual act or product of thinking, a developed intention or plan, something in the mind, reasoning power
  • Feelings: One of the basic physical senses, touch, an emotional state, unreasoned opinion or belief, quality of a work of art conveying the emotion of the artist

I was heavily focused on gathering data to change focus.  I spoke with a person who expressed that they felt my mind was cold, my intuition warm and my heart hot. Ergo the question of the day.

I didn’t like the question posed to me so came up with one I hoped had the same intention:

“How can I create harmony within my spirit?

What am I grateful for?

Choosing to focus on harmony and not conflict. 

Harmony is more powerful than conflict and can exist in its presence or absence.  

Conflict between thoughts and feelings are personified in discontent.  It is a necessary frequency signaling a need for alignment.  Without the existence of such conflict one may not know know where to look to make adjustment. So it is not the removal of the conflict that is required, but rather its illumination.   

What is not hidden cannot be found.



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