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on freedom

Much of what I believe has been or is ‘infecting’ my present has been unearthed here.  The intent of this blog, as written in the post, “Goodbye” is still in process of fulfillment.  I endeavor to have a song linked in every post by the end of this month.

I will be changing the direction of my writing to focus on ‘moments’, my children and no doubt other random musings.

Throughout this reflection process over the past four months what resonates with me the most is the need to ‘keep’ myself followed closely by flow.

What has been revealed is that every path traveled has led me back to my heart to teach me that the perpetual missing puzzle piece was the embracing and acceptance of my true self, in the absence of the embrace or acceptance of others.

I recognize that I am of I Am.  I continue to strive for perfection knowing it is futile yet also knowing there is no other path worthy of directing my efforts.

I know what I would like to feel in the embrace of another so even in that absence I choose to maintain that feeling. In that frequency such embrace has no choice but to manifest.  This is true for everyone.

The need for me to accept flow is the second most poignant lesson.  It is easy for me to ride the waves of change but difficult to accept the timing of the tides.  I stand defeated in the eyes of divine timing. I am stardust landing only briefly to share the light of my heart. I am learning to direct it where I am rather than where I would like it to be.

I am ready to shift from looking at experiences not just from the point of gratitude, but from the place of shaping the experience itself, in real time.  It is more challenging but there may be nothing more powerful than to live and align purposefully into the flow of each moment.  In this place, gratitude can exist in every second and not require postponement for reflection.

I find slivers of freedom in both the writing and reading of words. My tongue has never sought the same level of expression. Perhaps someday.

Until then, my heart and my pen remain my truest voice.

They are soft and perpetually manifested en love.

What am I grateful for?



  1. In the embrace of another shall someday soon come

    For this moment of now not close to shore just yet done

    Look the moon for a kiss and a star for it falls

    In love ever to wait forever a more

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  2. Freshwater Rivers and lakes are my favourite sacred body’s of waters I prefer to swim in. Powerful yet still, raging but calm, serene, soft, quiet. Black with light.

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    • Thank you for sharing that. It sounds beautiful. In such waters I have only fished. Never to catch but what a joy was the connectedness of life in the sail.

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  3. There is much tranquility in fishing I agree. Even if you get a nibble or a catch and choose to throw it back. The mindlessness of just being.
    Next time perhaps dive in and get your hair wet even if it is super
    Mammalian diving reflex dies wonders 🤓

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