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on good and pleasant

I recently decided to unearth the writings of my father, that he sent to me when first we met, in the year 2000, a historical year for sure.  He wanted to imbue me with books, writings, science and esoteric teachings.  He wanted to teach me many things but the underlying narcissistic energy pervasive in his speech prevented me from ‘receiving’ him.

For all of my ‘judgement’ of him I still found resonance in his way of communicating. He hid words within words within words which meant nothing could be taken at face value.

Having worked through my ’emotions’ of him I find myself only now intrigued in the ‘lessons’ he wanted to share.

In preparing for one of his lodge publications he decided to focus and write in length on the song of ascent, rehearsed at each Freemason meeting.  It is a song of inspiration and in anticipation of joy to come…


Behold! How good and pleasant…
Let us start with that word Pleasant which comes to us from the Hebrew language
and is translated from the Hebrew word – Na iym. We discover it alludes to so
much more than the simple notion of pleasant; in its natural tongue its meaning
speaks to The Harmony of Many Instruments, that is, the sound of many
instruments when notes are sounded and blended into a Beautiful Harmonious
Yet it means even more… it also alludes to the Sweetness of Honey – not honey
mind you – but rather the Sweetness of honey… ahh so much in such a little word.

After reading it in entirety and before closing, I viewed the document properties, a long-time curious habit of mine. Within the keywords he had written:

“If you will but suffer me a little while I will keep you only as long as sharing in these things germane will take…”

What am I grateful for?

  • Seeing the ironing out of interpretation with the perspective of time.  The sentence written in the keywords would have angered me 17 years ago.  Today I see a somewhat soft timidity in his approach and the hopeful message he intended to impart.
  • Finding peace in the acceptance of ambiguity. Remembering that I chose not to suffer him not too long after meeting him as my heart was still ill attuned to receiving what it did not understand.
  • Finding beauty and treasure in things appearing inconsequential
  • The enlightening aspects of genetics, nature vs. nurture
  • Serendipitous encounters.  It was only last week I chose to place focus on harmony and upon the finding and reading of his publication today, feel a deep sense of sweetness.



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