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on the energy pat down

In acquainting myself with my neighbor I found myself unable to let go of the analyzing of the moment while in the moment.  I was taking in too many details.  Eye color, clothing, stance, hair style, scent, hand placement, palm size, finger length, voice tonality, eye aversions, trust, smile, intoxication potential, mood, pain points.

She is getting my default energy pat down.  I’m ‘taking her in’ to search for misalignment. I’m assessing the level of energy exchange to be expected.  It all happens quickly, seconds.

Everyone does it.  You know instinctively when you meet someone whether you like them or not.  It’s because you’ve performed an energy pat down.  You might ignore the feeling, but that’s just a wee dowsing of good ‘ole intuition.

I decided she felt sick.  Very sick.  What did that mean? It meant to me that without a shadow of doubt she was very much physically ill and in mental distress.

Is that taking the pat down to another level?  I don’t know.  I’d actually like not to feel that she is sick, but, there it is.  I can’t tell her or hint at it lest I be revealed as a cuckoo, and, who knows?

So, I decide to avoid her.  Why? Because our interaction would require a very unequal energy exchange. I would return home exhausted and she would still be sick.

Still working on shielding…


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