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on wankers

Am I ready for dating?

I read, ‘Any Girl Like You Deserves a Gentleman‘ and it resonated with me. I’ve been in two long-term relationships, one marriage, but we never dated.

One I met at a party, we became best friends and somehow just transitioned into a relationship.  I’m not even sure how it happened.  I do know that punk rock and cemeteries were involved.  I can’t believe I was a punk rocker but I was.  It was a time when posers were bitches and anarchy ruled, for God Save the Queen.

Because U Deserve What Every Individual Saragucci Ever Receives.

BUDWEISER. Was I in a cult?

I wore black veils and black clothes all through high school.  My contribution to the school paper was Erotica.  It was written in such a way to make one wonder,  “Is this about sex, or is this about clouds?”

Life kicked in with that fella.  He saved my life.  We lived, loved and then I decided I wanted twenty children.  His dad felt my skin was too dark, he was unsure about the existence of God, any God, Hare Krishna even and he wanted none.  So, c’est la vie…

The ex-husband, by complete fluke met online, in a chat room, discussing the philosophy of love.  We talked for four months before meeting, transitioned to friends, lovers, live-ins and then married.  No dating involved.

But wait, were those marathon phone conversations dates?  The ones that lasted for hours, when I did not sleep at all and went to work in the morning in the swoon of fresh love and possibilities?

But alas, I ended up in Wanker-Ville.

I do believe this Mama is ready for a proper date.  Wankers excluded.



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