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on the psychic

I had never been to a swap meet so was beyond excited about this garage sale on steroids occasion.  I also had always wondered about psychics so when I saw the big yellow $10 PSYCHIC READING banner I was immediately drawn.  At a small aluminum table sat a turban wearing Indian man and he invited me to take a seat opposite him.

I had no expectations.  He proceeded to tell me he did not use any tools but did want to hold my hand for a moment.  I was a little scared but was all in.

He took my left hand and closed his eyes.  When he opened them he let go of my hand and said the following:

  • The man you are with you will not be with much longer. You will be alone.
  • You will have many many kids.  I see you surrounded by kids in a classroom.
  • Your brother will be fine.  He will not die.

Huh? I was both surprised and upset at what he relayed so didn’t ask any questions.  I got up and walked away feeling as if I had been slapped.

I did want kids but I wanted them with my boyfriend.  How did he know I was ‘with’ anyone? It turns out, my boyfriend, who was with me at the swap meet, would no longer be my boyfriend later that year.  It also turned out I would be alone for several years.

I did end up having many kids.  I have also been surrounded by them as a teacher. Teaching children was not even a thought in my head at that time.

Perhaps most surprising was the one about my brother.  I had not told him anything about anything and he did not ask.  How could he know I even had a brother?  How could he know I worried day and night about him?  Yet, he knew and offered me a reassurance to calm what was my greatest fear at that time, which was that he would succumb to life by way of his criminal activities.

I am a skeptic about many things and psychics are high on the list.  It is beautiful to imagine that there are those who use their gifts of prophecy or ‘sight’ to help others.  

My experience only questionably falls into that category, but the ‘predictions’ were accurate enough for me to have second thoughts about gifts of prophecy in general.

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