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on mazes and labyrinths


This was how much I needed to make a year in order to stay at home with my firstborn. My ex was working and this is the amount that was needed to just make ends meet.

I didn’t care where or how we lived as long as I was able to take care of him. To do this I would need to quit my job and cross my fingers that I could start a business and turn a profit to reach this goal.

I set my rates to beat the competition knowing I didn’t yet know what I was doing.  A random business owner in a different state responded to an ad I placed in Craigslist and within two months that work pushed me over the goal I had set for myself .

After only a few phone calls she had within a few days mailed to me at my home twelve bankers boxes of information that needed to be assimilated and constructed into something that could be understood by others.  I was so overwhelmed with data and new concepts that I cried every night for a month with the stress of an impossible project.  I kept asking, “What did I get myself into?”

However, after several months I had solved the puzzles, gained confidence and a long-term client.

I think about that client sometimes and wonder upon the chances that someone like her would happen upon someone like me to then come to a level of unheard of trust within a short amount of time in order to initiate a series of atypical events that would forever change how I looked upon trust, happenstance and my capabilities.

One of the bigger lessons was to aim as high as possible in all things but to also set an intention and expectation to surpass goals beyond what the mind can conceive.

Some days I feel like I’ve ridden the time machine in the wrong direction, arriving back to the place of small beginnings.  Then I reflect on graces like this and smile at seeing where all the small beginnings have taken me and the immeasurable love that has been infused and shared along the way.  

I am reminded that with a commitment to reject defeat, any thing can be figured out, any dream can be manifested and in the process both peace and hope need not be lost.


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