Thirsty – Pulse – Liquify
Pour – On the Rocks
Consume. You. Me.

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  1. A thought-provoking poem.

    I think everyone can relate to the desire to explore themselves — to probe regions of their body with curious fingers.

    However, when that happens, I feel like something is lost.

    If you and you alone are the one pleasuring yourself, what does that mean for the man (or woman) who is your partner?

    It seems like pleasuring oneself drives a wedge between lovers; if the one loving you *is* you, than the love-making aspect of your relationship with this person will suffer.

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    • Thank you for reading. Great comment and question. I agree with something being lost in a partnership though this is written from the perspective of not having a partner or rather the desire to have a partner and pleasuring oneself in the waiting space. I imagine in a partnership this type of indulgence can play out in voyeuristic fashion as foreplay if you will, in hopes that nothing is lost 🙂

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      • You’re welcome. I’m glad you liked what I said.

        Thank you for explaining the context of the post; the post being written from the perspective of someone who’s not in a relationship, but who is trying to make the most of waiting.

        And I agree: Couples can mix things up in order to ensure that, when it comes to their intimate encounters, nothing is lost.

        The reason I said what I said earlier is: Love-making is something that should never lose its joy and wonder. And I feel like there is a risk of that happening if, as a result of pleasuring oneself, experiencing pleasure becomes as routine and commonplace as, for example, scratching an itch.

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