Hazed Plumes
Falling – Rising


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  1. Your words bring haunting imagery to mind.

    “Dark” and “Beautiful” are the words I would use to describe this poem.

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    • Though I don’t know you I support you in your healing. Haven’t a clue what you’ve gone through or what the picture of healing looks like for you but I wish it for you nonetheless. Healing is available to all and I hope you find what you need in order to endure amidst the doubt. More than this I send thoughts of peace to you. May they reach you and may you be reminded that love is everywhere, within and without.

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  2. You are love. First and before all others exists you, your heart, your soul. If you were not love you could not feel such depth of pain. Your work is to repair your heart. Your work is to recognize your wholeness, your goodness, your light. Separate from all you stand alone and can stand in brightness. You are covered in darkness now but this is only temporary, as you do the work. No one can give you what you can give yourself. Love you. Figure out how. Know you. Faith, it comes while you work…


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