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First Date

I’m nervous. The crowds and the fact that I can’t carry.


I’m scared. I really don’t want to fight or be killed. That sounds dramatic but I’m on guard at the grocery store so I’m hoping I don’t hyperventilate and pass myself out. I’ll seat myself near an exit to help with the fear.


I’m excited. I love music and think I may love concerts but have yet to experience a concert with a musician of my choosing.

dessertIt’s my first date night with myself. I’ve chosen to place myself in a crowd of thousands, most of whom will likely be coupled. I was originally going to do dinner and a movie but it felt too safe.  Also, I abhor watching movies alone and don’t quite catch the feels for dining alone, besides, I’d probably only order dessert.

So, concert it is.

Somewhere deep down I’m hoping I get to ride a unicorn before the night is over. A more exciting alternative to transmuting into a pumpkin.


Still organizing myself. Let the solo dating adventures begin!


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