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Love Notes

Always I’ve physically written down a thing I perceive to be positive or enlightening. Paper pads, journals, sticky notes, receipts, anything.  I don’t have the notes organized.

They can be found in dressers, book bags, bathroom cabinets, kitchen drawers, purses, wallets, eyeglass cases, pockets, cars, anywhere really.

I had a moment of doubt and entirely lost focus one morning.  Again. It pushed me to a state of anxiety so I started re-organizing my desk drawers to calm myself.  I pulled out a small journal that appeared to not yet have been written in.  I scanned the pages, all blank until I looked on the very last page in the back.  I had written a few random notes:

Valknut Symbol (drawn)valknut
Create your own reality (written underneath)

Unalome Symbol (drawn)unalome.jpg
When there’s a will, there’s a way (written underneath)

I don’t know when or why I drew or wrote these things but after reading them I cried, asked myself if I meant to write ‘Where’ instead of ‘When’ and decided that ‘When’ worked better. Indeed there is a will.

After drying my face I took a deep breath and felt better. I decided that subconsciously I’ve likely purposefully left love and encouragement notes for myself everywhere.

It reminded me of the hidden painted rock movement and other pay-it-forward type love.

My message:
What you pay attention to always expands. Love yourself. You are a gift that never ends and the love you inhabit naturally frees you, proliferates and pays itself forward.

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