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Funny Sunday Moments


Daughter walked in while I was working and singing.  She says, “Mom, I heard you from the other room and your voice sounds kind of glitchy. I don’t really like your singing. I like your voice but it’s glitchy.  She then hugged me, grabbed a laptop and walked out.

(I didn’t bother to tell her I had bronchitis voice thanks to her sneezed bronchial phlegm remnants in my face earlier in the week).

Son was helping me food shop and began telling me how he felt sorry for one of his friends. He said his friend had to be excused two days before school ended for summer because he was playing in the grass at recess and his family found out he was allergic to grass.  I stopped mid walk and said, “What? That’s doesn’t make sense.  What are you talking about?”  He replied, “I don’t know. Never mind.”

“Wake up Mom, I’m here to take your soul!” screams my oldest son as he ran in to wake me up early this morning in his grim reaper costume.

“I’ve been in your life for twelve years and you still can’t get my name right?! What kind of mother are you?” says my son because I called him two other names before correctly saying his.

These funny moments seem never ending, but, one day they do end…

So, while they still belong to you – Enjoy them!


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