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PSI Champions

“Pressure creates diamonds – and saves tires”
Low tire pressure light equates to Mom pulling into gas station for air, having all children get out of car and having each one fill a tire.

Dance in the rain” popped in my head so on impulse purchased a quick car wash.
It was silly but I was excited. Is my life that boring? Why yes, it is. I hadn’t been through one of those things in years. Didn’t expect daughter to melt down mid-wash in fear for her life. Didn’t expect boys to egg her on or laugh so hard. For whatever reason I felt the high of an amusement park ride. I vowed to myself to do this weekly, maybe bring popcorn next time.


“Life is too short to wear boring clothes”
School clothes. My oldest picks out a watermelon t-shirt to take to the dressing room. I thought he was joking but no, he really wants to wear a watermelon t-shirt on his first day to highschool. He called me over to corroborate the sly fit.  He’s been shaving like a madman this summer hoping to grow in a full beard and as a challenge he and his friend cut each others hair. His sideburns are lopsided, there is no trace of a beard and his mustache I’ll admit is coming in nicely.  I looked him over in his skateboard logo baseball hat, hair peeking out unevenly, tortoise-rimmed bifocals, green flip flops and black and white checkered boardshorts.  I couldn’t help it and went into a fit of laughter to tears. I couldn’t even speak. My daughter on the other hand didn’t care about the clothes.  She was all about the accessories, focused on the big polka-dot hair bow the size of her head, literally.  Of course I bought the shirt and the bow. I can’t wait to take pictures.


“You can’t outrun your fork…”
The sandwich constructor looks at my son and tells him he has beautiful eyes. He says, “Yeah, uh huh” and we all look at him and laugh. He didn’t hear her. He thought he was agreeing to avocado. He goes to beet red face and we laugh harder.  “Are they gray?” she asked. It was hard to tell if she was flirting with him so he looked at me for the answer and I almost peed myself, mainly because she was intent to get an answer before she continued.  “Sometimes” I replied on his behalf.  “Oh, well, they’re beautiful” Again, we all begin cackling, except the now fully embarrassed one.

“Preparation is the mark of a champion.”
Grandma is coming for dinner. Actually, Grandma has cooked food for us and is bringing dinner. We’re all a little scared so on the way home we pick up fresh ginger and pepto-bismol. One of them should work in a post meal crisis.



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