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Quartet Thanks of the Day

thank you

Some days I need to dig deep to find thankfulness but today it’s all up in my face.

Son #1:
Cleaned up his room without backtalk and a fight. Score!

Son #2:
Made dinner and all ate it without complaint. Score!

Son #3:
Folded clothes and ended with a joke of the evening,
“Mom, wanna hear a joke about paper?
Me: “Sure”
Son #3: “Nevermind, it’s tearable!”
Laugh and Gratefulness in one fell swoop. Score!

Massaged my arm as she went to sleep, looked at me and smiled then said, “I want to make you feel good cause you make me feel good.” Score!

How do we change the world?
“Little people living out big love.” ~ Mr. President, 2013


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