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Sticky Honey
Wicked Naked
Willow Ride



  1. A sensual, thought-provoking piece.


    I see sex as more of a dance than a ride.

    To me, the term “ride” has a tendency to be demeaning. When I hear the word “ride,” I think of riding a horse. A person climbs on the horse’s back and tells it what to do and the horse, having no choice, obeys.

    When it comes to sex, love-making shouldn’t be like a ride — a man taking a woman from behind.

    Unable to turn her head completely around and, thus, see all that is behind her, the woman is essentially at the mercy of the man, blindly trusting that he does, in fact, have her best interests at heart.

    When sex happens face to face, though, the woman can look into the man’s eyes — look into his heart — as her enters her, and thus know that this man does in fact mean what he says.

    In a dance, in contrast to a ride, the two taking part work off of each other; compliment each other. Fitting together like puzzle pieces to make a work of art that, separated, would be impossible. One is not dominating the other.

    Sorry if I come across as rambling or weird.


    Even the most commonplace of acts take on new power when they are done naked.

    Cooking, reading, walking, etc. — it feels different without clothes.

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    • Willow Ride:
      Thank you for your perspective. When I think of willow I envision something that bends and does not break and of the fluid movement of riding; the willow is considered to have properties of fertility [magick] and is also known as the tree of immortality. I feel that exploring bodies sexually cannot be limited to positions as such would limit the very freedom of the experience; each body in communion with other, each in surrender, not mercy. Trust is implied in the act I believe and even in a face to face position (i.e. missionary) the partners may close their eyes in blind trust, enthralled with the sensuality of the moment. Eye contact is beautiful but can also be maintained in all positions by the most flexible among us. I agree it is a dance, but I envision something of a lambada, or maybe salsa, with gymnastics optional. To call it a ride or dance feels the same to me 🙂

      Wicked Naked:
      This was a play on words from the song lyrics, as it [the lyrics & video] can have several interpretations, one being negative.

      Don’t take your comments as weird or rambling at all. Always welcome your thoughts 🙂

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      • Thank you for your feedback on what I wrote. I’m glad you welcome my thoughts. 🙂 I enjoy expressing them. And I hope they always bring you joy, too.

        Sex is a complex subject. But the sexual act is, I believe, the fullest expression of our humanity. Human beings are made for unity.

        I believe God is 3 persons in 1. And, during sex, 2 become 1 and a 3rd is created; human beings are, in their own way, expressing God’s nature.

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