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The Taste of Finishing

Dust whimpers and stains the white flags
In the overflows of extravagant defeat
Adonis countenance a refusal to bare
Antique furnishings embellished in gold
Savoring aftertaste curios of the absolute
Lips greet quartz sand muffling screams
Unconsuming passion in the finishing run



  1. The picture — “Drink Me NOT Poison” — makes me think that what this woman is referring to “finishing” is a good, strong drink.

    However: The focus of this blog being on love — often erotic love — this post makes me also think that the woman is referring to “finishing” the sex she is currently having. The moment of bliss has come on, and she is determined to savor its aftertaste.

    A taste not on her lips, but on her soul.

    Those are just my immediate thoughts upon reading this piece. I’m sure they’ll change over time. That’s the effect your writing has — it causes me to reconsider it often, drawing new conclusions, and gaining new insights, from it.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I hadn’t considered that interpretation.
      It is a more literal reference to Alice in Wonderland; as in Drink Me, Shrink Me; it can take several meanings from here; perhaps being shrunk for the purpose of fitting or being shrunk for the purpose of fading away, disappearing. In concert with the song both meanings fit…

      It is an intended mourning of unrequited love, of surrender wherein truths to be bared must by one or both parties be withheld and their ‘realities’ savored in the aftertaste and safety of what ‘is’ versus a fully flavored and consumed passion of what could be.

      Finishing run refers the last leg of life, a subtle entreat existing along with the surrendering… with the knowledge that for all there is a burning out of candles and sun setting (song lyrics).

      I wrote this as I pondered that many of us never savor the ‘taste of finishing’ in life generally. Many of us give up on possibilities due to hurts. Though sometimes we are allowed to take someone walking in defeat by the hand, asking them to take us to that place in their past, in their heart, where they first waved a white flag on hope. If trusted to be shown that sacred place and without judgement lovingly embrace them, I believe this makes the taste of finishing possible, not limited to romantic love. This is just me rambling, though I am aware this concept is biblically referenced as well, me using it here quite loosely…

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