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The Lions Majestic Impotent Muzzle

COLLEGE was a cherry picking tree merry-go-ground and the only degree with my name on it would read, “B.A. in B.S. Randomness”, with honors. I dropped out, dropped in, dropped out…
Eventually, I decided I was inadequate. Impotent.

CHILDREN. Having them an impossibility. I was told. I had PCOS and was plagued by several other unfortunate yet temporary maladies at the time. I tried for two years to have a child without success.
Eventually, I decided I was useless. Barren. Impotent.

WORK was a challenge; I used the ladder as my guide and pretended I did not see the glass in the ceiling.  After a time I collided with something and then felt blood from the shards of imposed blindness.
Eventually, I decided I was powerless. Impotent.

Scene II

I look back at what I’ve learned in college and find satisfaction in being able to find practical application in various areas of my life today, more than I would have anticipated at the time.
My unorthodox path had value as I realized that without a degree the knowledge gained was still of benefit to myself and others. 

I stopped trying to get pregnant and changed the direction of my life to focus on working with children instead (if you can’t beat ‘em…). As soon as I did this I became pregnant. I went on to have five children, the first an angel, lost in miscarriage.
Though hope was muzzled I was blessed to manifest the desires of my heart. I was fruitful.

I changed the direction of my career yet again to eventually start a business of my own. It has been over ten years now and there is no ladder, no ceiling and there is no one to outwork except myself.
While it will not be this way forever, I’ve come to realize that I am powerful. 

Valuable. Fruitful. Powerful. Potent. On to Scene III…

My message:
When the majestic waiter brings you a one-course meal and walks away.  Roar.  Roar until you’ve had as many courses as your heart desires. Including dessert.

You are the lion
Remove the muzzle
Be no longer impotent
You are the majestic waiter 


Anticipate with joy the places you will captain your fate.


  1. Such a beautiful post.

    And I’m glad you were able to forge your own path and make your desires a reality.

    You are a godsend to everyone in your life. It just might take some people longer to realize it than others.

    It is an honor to follow you on your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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