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September Sleepover Theme: Paint

Another successful sleepover!

This month’s theme: Paint & Sugar

Step 1:
Ambiance! I have a Geometry Dash soundtrack that I play on repeat that puts them in a trance.  Some songs below:

Once entranced we head over for a cold drink and the paint table (our recurring paint for any occasion setup below):


Step 2:
Give speech on the one rule and consequence. I tell them I will kill them if they start throwing paint at one another and will ship their body parts to their parents. Then, I tell them to be free, have fun and paint whatever they want.

Step 3:
Normally I would bake something around this time. I use sugar as incentive for group cleanup. I’m not ashamed. This time we had leftovers from our bake sale so I had a sugar cookie candle burning instead.

I’ll blog about our recipes and the fun my oldest son and I had putting this together in another post one day.


Step 4:
I send them outside after cleanup and treats because they are wired and I need a few moments of silence to make it through the night.

Step 5:
They return and want to dive directly into gaming. I head away to work.

Step 6:
I hear the sound of fingernails on my door so call for pizza. I have on my headphones and crossed eyes at this point.

Step 7:
I’m screaming for quiet and not caring if they tell their parents I’m a screamer. I head to my closet with my laptop, headphones and incense.

Step 8:
Sleep. Ha ha. Not really. No one sleeps at a sleepover.

Step 9:
Sunlight gets us to the kitchen and making breakfast. I’ve got three volunteers for cooking and I’ve volunteered the rest for cleaning, but really, I’ll clean after they clean.

Play something upbeat in the background, dance and sing.  Pancakes are on the griddle foo!
Excision & Pegboard Nerds, Bring the Madness

Step 10:
Take the buggers home, with their art pieces and memories (a few pieces from a baby shower painting party we had for a family member below):

Materials Used
All non-food items purchased from Michaels, Blick, Amazon Warehouse or .99 Cent Store. For a group of six, all can be purchased for less than $50:

  • Mini-Pro Folding Easels (aluminum is ½ cost of wood)
  • Artist’s Loft Canvas Packs (choose size(s) based on size of easel used)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Round Well Trays (10-Pack)
  • Paintbrushes (different sizes, types)
  • Disposable plastic cups (for rinsing paintbrushes at each station)
  • Papertowels
  • Table Cloth
  • Tarp (number depends on flooring protection needs or location of setup)

I would mention having a camera on hand because something hilarious always takes place.  I usually use my cell phone and text photos to the parents  sometime during the evening, sometimes with a bottle of Jack Daniels in the middle of the table, before texting, “Just kidding, it’s only me that’s drinking!”  Third parent group text, “No, kidding again, it’s apple juice”!

They usually reply with an lol or a laughing in tears emoji.  I’m sure they think I’m nuts. Peculiar maybe, but not nuts.

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