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Untangled and Weeping

It was a morning like all others, until I watched the bucks, transfixed
At how something so beautiful and free in nature
Could became stuck by the obscurity of man made barriers
At their loss in direction for the shock of that moment
At their instinct to fear and not recognize kindness
At their need to trust and receive help to be freed
Once again into their own wild

At the inability of man to sometimes see beyond the fence, standing still
Accepting fallen crumbs in the gridlocked pathways of his dreams
At the momentary lapse of warrior reason when one leaves another behind
At the silent cry of despair held behind soldiering eyes once he finds himself alone

At his innate gift to both feel and alleviate suffering

At the implied liberation of ‘buck privates’ to grow, becoming instead tangled by organisations and people that suffocate inclinations to trust
At his need to abandon what he ‘knows’
In exchange for the embrace of love that will return him to freedom
Once again into his own wild

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