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Spinning Home


We are taught to weave
Yet need not be captured
We are taught to keep
Yet need not be possessed
We spend lifetimes coupled
In arbitration, compromised
Resolving to discover
That we are not spiders

Without the lights
Find your way home


    • Indeed they do.

      I had a moment where I considered that ideal love does not seek to capture, trap or hold another, but rather love without attachment, without ‘need’.

      The video holds several interpretations but with what is written, it was intended to synchronize with the idea that some possess relationships as a form of arbitration, where one is guilty of abuse(s) yet attempts to hold self harmless by remaining coupled, the abused not understanding their value, not seeing in darkness.

      Home is self. When home is found in self, home becomes every place self exists and is never lost.

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    • I feel that the inhabitants of earth hold the light and in this, a path can always be lit by another if one finds they cannot light the way for themselves. They need only express that they cannot see and need help to find the way out. Sometimes fear is simply not wanting to express how dark and lost we sometimes feel, yet, none of us escapes the darkness and all of us at some point need another’s light.

      I am sorry for any fear you may hold and send you peace and hope that you find a calmness in your spirit and surroundings to lend itself to your deserved sense of security and safety. If you are in danger please reach out – I support you in your journey.

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