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A Spiritual Transaction

Some will say our adversity comes to strengthen and prepare us.  I think it’s true much of the time but not always.

All of my children have needed to visit the emergency room in the last six months.  All four.  All different reasons.

The main theme of this year might be children, school, hospitals, doctors and medicine.  Sometimes I consider studying nursing, against a  backdrop of wondering if I should have become a doctor, mid-wife, teacher or surrogate.  Though, I’d never be able to hand the baby over. So, I signed up for soap-making classes. Cause that makes sense.

Secondary theme is loneliness.  It is not a lonely that would be cured by coupling with someone else. It is a lonely that seems to be part of the single parent condition, where one must simply learn how to manage the dis’ease of imbalance.  I read this quote and considered that comfort might be the answer, “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always” .

As I waltz through this I don’t know what I’m doing even though I look like I do discovery and redesign phase of life I find myself grateful for the results of my pain. Even on the days I am brought to my knees in tears, I have the strength to stand and pick my children up when they fall.

Transcribed from the video:

When you pick up a child it is a spiritual transaction
When you pick up a child you change their perspective
When you pick up a child all of a sudden they can see the world the way you see it

I don’t care what your children have done, there is nothing they can do for you to stop picking them up.

“Well my daughter is a drug addict.”  –  I don’t care, pick her up.
“My son messes up.”  –  I don’t care, pick him up.

I don’t care.  You pick them up.

That is your job mama. That is your job daddy. That is your job grandma. That is your job granddad.

Your number one job is to pick them up and change their perspective.

Not having the model of a parent that picked you up need not mean you cannot be a loving and supportive parent.

Not having a partner need not make you less effective as a single parent.

~ Turn your pain into love ~ Love gifts wings ~

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