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The Gas Lighting Grill


After work she stopped by the Gas Lighting Grill to have dinner in the Isolation Room where she ultimately found herself Depressed.  In tears she asked the waiter for some Emotional Abuse so he sat one table away from her to play Mental Games.  Every time she shared her heart he said she was being selfish and she felt a pang of Guilt.

Now she only eats at home.

Thank you, MakeItUltra™ for the great InfoGraphic:

Narcissist Infographic

Infographic courtesy of MakeItUltra™




  1. Men who abuse women, in any way, are the antithesis of masculinity.

    The fact that you are here, writing your thoughts and feelings on this blog on WordPress, is proof that you are stronger than such men.

    I believe that God created light first (“Let there be light”) and women last (Eve) because one is the personification of the other; if light gives light to everything in God’s creation, women give light to everyone in God’s creation. That’s I see you doing — shinning a light into a dark subject like emotional abuse.

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    • I agree. I’ve learned that recognizing the signs is so very important.

      There is strength given to anyone that chooses to leave any abuse in order to take up healing and rebuild.

      Your comment is full of compassion and is uplifting to my heart. Thank you so much.

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            • A beautiful post. I am touched that my few words have stirred a desire in you to reach out and through your words, bring comfort. As this is the desire of your heart, I too know it was placed there with a purpose.

              The mind is an interesting thing and often our memories fall into becoming stories, where it can be hard to distinguish between what is real and what is false. I think of what progressive brain disorders like Alzheimer’s does to a persons ‘reality’ and I find an aspect of poetic beauty in that the mind frees itself of all the conventions it has so carefully crafted over time.

              I do see and feel the sadness too, but focus on the beauty.

              Witnessing and ‘touching’ Alzheimer’s has helped me reshape how I refer to the moments of beauty in my life. I do see and feel the sadness of my past but my mission and purpose is to focus on the beauty, the love.

              As a fellow sojourner seeking to illuminate dark spaces, in self or others, I’ve no doubt the stories in your heart that remain to be written will be filled with ‘naked’ truths and harmonies of abundant joy.

              We will always write our lives based on the stories that we tell ourselves. It is not so much the ‘holding’ of a memory that is my goal, rather, it is the use of the memory as inspiration in the purposeful scripting of beautiful moments of shared love I hope to remain author to.

              This requires that I continually replenish my heart’s pen with love’s ink. Compassion like yours helps to keep it filled. Thank you for your caring.

              Years ago I became fascinated with the story of St. Therese of Lisieux. I am far from a saint, and we all have stories of sorrow that hopefully can lend themselves to our purposed work. ‘Ma vocation, c’est l’amour’.

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