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Grey Connections


Thoughts: Why did you choose this path? How can you trust your choices?
Self-Talk: Think with your heart. Love with your mind. Forgive.

Thoughts: Tired of crying. Tired of hiding from people. Tired.
Self-Talk: One day at a time. The light will shine again. Hope.

Thoughts: You are attracting what you are and hating mirrors.
Self-Talk: Become what you want to be surrounded by. Smile.

Thoughts: It is not good for man to be alone.
Self-Talk: Use this time to know yourself better. Socialize.

Sometimes our voices don’t work and thoughts become overwhelming. We long for touch and reassurance of connection and opt to socialize in isolation among these grey blog walls, safe from re-injury and feeding like sorrows with words met with five-point likes.

Covering thoughts in silence we dress in stars, believing we shine…

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