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111 Libretto Break

Lips touch through dim drapes
Closing carefully crafted acceptance
Speech of apparitional souls dancing
Flames destined to spread
Forever fated lovers
Meet once more at curtain call


Home is forever spiritually in my heart. Yet my physical residence is out of alignment with my soul. I don’t know if it will be in this country or another but I sense that it’s time for me to prepare for alignment.

Many doors have closed for me over the last year and the beauty of this is that the one(s) that open will be obvious.  I am grateful for this clarity even before it has arrived.

This post is my bookmark as I take a break from this run, my writing, in order to focus on manifesting the blueprint, the design that will lead me ‘home’.  

Thank you all for your interest in my journey, for your kind comments and love.  I hope to return someday soon!

My wish is that you find love in every breath you take in and make love in every breath you breathe out.




  1. NOOOOOOOO! I’m always so let to the damn party😬! I understand and am always checking for alignment. Right on, Sis✊! Go align your beautiful self. If you want to reach me, I have a contact page (or will after I write this 😄). Bye!

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    • Tricia!

      So sorry for my delayed reply. You have been such sweetheart in the comments. I literally feel your love and virtual hugs. You carry a very strong ‘support’ energy and I very much appreciate you sharing it with me here. You stay strong for folks even when you are not feeling so strong and on a karma level I know that energy comes back around to lift you up when you need it most.

      I already miss writing but needed to focus on work again. Three days after signing off my work picked up. It was validating and reinforced the whole ‘manifestation’ thing for me and I ‘remembered’ once again that when I asked for things I thought were too crazy to ask for, wrote it down (or drew a picture), it always happened. I just need to be more careful with what I write down 🙂 A while back I wrote down that I want 4 dogs, a goat and a mini-chicken farm. I also want to live in the middle of the forest by a body of water, write a book with my future husband, develop a dessert line for Europe, live off the grid three months a year and have ten more children. I may need to consider setting fire to that particular journal. Could you imagine? A goat? 🙂

      Would love to stay in touch. Feel free to add my e-mail to your contacts at & of course, feel free to reach out anytime.

      Thanks for the love!

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      • YAY!! No need for apologies, Sis! Yes, I will be adding you to my contacts. So glad you gave me your info, as I didn’t add that contact page. Lol. Thank you for your appreciation -hugs! I will address the rest of your comment through email. I’m excited! !🤗


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