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I lost 60 pounds in twenty-four hours.
Logic was temporarily suspended as I stared at the scale and smiled.
It should have reflected the unsettling weight gain I was ready to be honest about.
I stepped off and stepped back on. Now it reflected the weight of a toddler.
I changed batteries and stepped back on.
0.0 lbs.
Now I feel the universe speaking.

“Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows”

This quote is attributed to the Guru Nisargadatta Maharaj.  In reading this Biography you will find he was never born, so of course, he never died.

Wisdom also tells me I need not wait for the scale to know the truth of the action that needs to be taken.  

Pretend I’m a star and use Einstein’s bent light theory to weigh myself.


  1. Recently, I felt I had put on some extra weight in some parts. I don’t have a scale and I didn’t go shopping for one. I just assumed I should get to use my lose it some plan and two weeks later I feel much lighter. Indeed the tailor who coincidentally took my measures for a dress then, did so again yesterday and tried to scold me why I had lost some (not that it was any of her godamn business right?).

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