"You are an alchemist; make gold of that." ~ William Shakespeare



speaking of body parts.

breasts. specifically breasts. couldn’t remember if they were an erogenous zone (for me) so started to lightly caress my nipples to see what would happen.

nothing. maybe it doesn’t work if you do it to yourself. i do believe people should not be afraid to explore their bodies – how will you know?

you could discover that touching the tips of your eyelashes might cause an orgasm. could you imagine the pleasure in getting your makeup done? though, you could get banned from places like sephora.

for the record. my breasts are large. perky? no. never perky. i went from no breasts to ‘hello, i need a lifetime assistant to help me carry these things’ in elementary school.

training bra? what is that? mine skipped training completely and went straight to sports bra. early puberty of course. only makes sense. i still remember girls gathered in a circle, pointing and laughing at my breasts in the locker room. i had never before then been self-conscious of them. group cruelty really can scar a person.

plastic surgery centers have a name for it. i looked it up. one day though i saw a beautiful woman on tv, well, it was actually a video, not tv, and, it was pornography.  i don’t advocate for pornography any more than i advocate for murder. it is interesting that murder is acceptable to watch on the news though. is there a comparison? i don’t know – is there? no judgement.

anyways, she was super tiny but had huge breasts that fell (not fell off onto the floor, rather just sort of aimed in that direction) just like mine. on her it was completely out of proportion and i was surprised that she was confident enough to film. i thought they looked beautiful on her and he did too (well, in hindsight he was being paid to enjoy them-whatever-my fantasy). i decided right then i would never pay to perker’ize my milk duds; that i would figure out a way to just love them in all their ahem, volleyballish splendor. i don’t know when it got to volleyball status. had to be with my daughter. she sucked the last of the elasticity from the producers.

yet, so happy was i to learn that i find pleasure when they are in someone’s mouth.

not any someone. not my kids of course. well, yes, my kids, but that’s a different pleasure. by kids i mean babies. mine. but full disclosure i did consider being a wet nurse, for a long time, well, even now. i still consider it now. i miss babies that much.  somehow i will likely find a way to take care of more babies. not just baby birds.


yep. i’m delirious. when i feel better i will probably regret hitting publish on many of these posts…

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  1. That was… Arousal. 😀 Um, I guess a picture of you would be too much to ask, so I won’t. How come you wrote this? What made you write such a… In shape, post?

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