"You are an alchemist; make gold of that." ~ William Shakespeare



she found him sitting alone in the darkened waiting room calmly and casually waiting for her. smiling she walked over to greet him, touching his leg and asking him to follow her back.

they sat closely next to one another on the couch, hands touching, face to face and making very small talk. sensing her nervousness and wanting to calm his own mind he reached up to softly brush the hair out of her face. his touch electric she felt immediately aroused and wanted to kiss him. locking eyes their mouths met, eyes closed and tongues danced to the rhythm of soft moans.

he got up to remove his clothes and she got up to close the curtains realizing the door did not have a lock and that anyone could walk in or watch through the semi-frosted glass. “fuck it” she thought, feeling a heightened excitement at the possibility.

he sat down in the rocking chair naked and slightly humored as he watched her walk back and forth.  she walked over to him removing her clothes, straddled him and leaned in to kiss him, wet with anticipation. taking a break from her lips he moved to put her breast in his mouth and as he sucked she moaned much too loud for the paper-thin walls.

her mouth watered to taste him again and when he pulled his mouth away from her breast she looked into his eyes while taking his hand to place it between her legs. surprised at her silent submission, his fingers moved softly over her as he watched her expression before gently gliding them inside as she moved her hips up and down. he smiled at her quick and unexpected climax while she suppressed screams muted to animalistic moans.

both ready for the ride she leaned forward dripping wet and still straddling him as he slid inside. unprepared to be filled so completely, in ecstasy she held onto to the chair behind his head with one hand as he pulled her in tightly for a kiss, his other hand gripping her thigh. kissing passionately they moved together rhythmically up, down, rock, fast, smooth and hard until again she… mmmm…. submitted.

the end ?



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  1. hot stuff indeed and works really well with the prompt

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  2. I don’t know what a hell are you talking about. I am here for the music. 😀

    Um, fun post Sergeant Love. Errm, really fun. 😀

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