"You are an alchemist; make gold of that." ~ William Shakespeare

trump algorithm

home alone

i try not to read the news but then must because current events are discussed in school and i’d be a ninny not to be able to engage with my children about the same. it’s important they form their own opinions and not regurgitate whatever spin is spun and fed to them. to me i guess. they’re still regurgitating.

sometimes i have an urge to take the headlines on the cnn page and create parallel headlines, for humor sake and completely made up cause it’s all made up anyways. i know people do this already. fox news for sure.

i get upset about it sometimes as my younger kids have come home genuinely angry about trump’s presidency and making jokes about policies, walls and hair.

one of my sons is in love with the weather channel and forecasting but even they get it wrong half the time.  he had me in stitches because at 3pm he was truly angry there was not a thunderstorm. it’s okay, i said.  | no. it’s not, he replied. they said we’d have a thunderstorm at 3pm. to his point, we’d all be fired if our work was consistently fifty-percent accurate (disclosure: made up statistic).

anyways, i know why they make the jokes but they don’t. it’s acceptable because their teachers and peers are doing it too.

for some reason my thoughts went to witch trials, jesus and slavery, to name a few.

is trump a witch? no. a warlock maybe.

is trump jesus or a slave? no and yes.

why the correlations?

because groupthink is insidious and kills hearts, minds and people.

one little, two little, three little niggers
four little, five little, six little niggers
seven little, eight little, nine little niggers
ten little nigger boys

this is a derivative from the 1800’s and once upon a time this was someone’s go to jam. let’s be real, someone somewhere is singing this in the shower right now.

what am i saying?

that each president is a derivative of a natural logarithm

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