"You are an alchemist; make gold of that." ~ William Shakespeare



i stood on the road hitchhiking and wasn’t sure what state i was in. it seemed i might be in north carolina but i couldn’t be sure because i had never been there before.

a gold van passed by and the passengers were blurred as i stuck out my thumb. they passed again, still blurred. the third time i could clearly make out the little girl in the backseat. she seemed around six, had auburn hair, blue eyes and a smile like sunshine. she waved at me as they passed one final time without stopping. i smiled and waved in return.

suddenly i was at home, a home, someone else’s home. i stepped into the den and he was there staring at the tv but it was muted. she was in a large recliner to the right of him, both of them their backs to me. i watched them for a few minutes wondering about their silence. it was much too quiet so i tiptoed back out to the kitchen where my kids were.

they started to make a ruckus so i asked them to quiet down and head to the table so i could serve them dinner. every few minutes i would peek my head into the den to see if they were still sitting in silence.

after i served dinner i went into the den, this time walking towards him because she had disappeared. staring at the tv and without looking at me he said,

“you don’t need to quiet down. i can hear you. i like the sound.”

without responding i started to walk backwards towards the kitchen while watching his profile. he wouldn’t look at me directly so i was slightly spooked and thought that his words and short sentences were odd.

before turning away completely i said,

“your left index finger is healed. i see you and you’re doing much better than you think.”


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  1. This is kinda odd story. I read it twice and still don’t quite understand what was happening. Is this a horror, ghost story? Did I made a good guess?

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